4 Chapel Street.

It's more than an address. Here's a piece of history. 

Hector's Clothing is inspired by its address, the character, charm and history of its home. The remote market town of Petersfield first inspired our shop with its rustic energy and old-world joy. 

4 Chapel St. has played a humble host for many shops. Yet, for over 80 years, it's always preserved the one ambition: to give the local chaps a place to browse, enjoy and shop. Hector's was crafted in that memory. 

The latest chapter in the Petersfield high-street, Hector's is all about keeping fashion timeless. We understand that fashion can feel fast. But a gentleman's style cannot be rushed. We've dedicated our shop to keeping up appearances. We're suiting modern gents who wear classic as more than just style, but their everyday perception.

A people brand.

A passion project of sorts, Hector’s was started from a small idea and a big family. Lifelong and cosy familiars in Petersfield, Joe & Michelle wanted a shopping experience that honours the local culture and high-street. Traditionally idyllic and equally rustic, Petersfield is draped in the past life of the British countryside. Better yet, it’s always felt like home.

At the beginning of 2020, they found their home packed full with life. With their two children at university, founders Michelle & Joe wanted to start a new journey local to home. Hector’s became official and much more than just the family dog.

The characterful Joe, one of Hector’s founders, has ranked up invaluable experience during a long tenure in London. Nowadays, he’s happily settled on the outskirts of Petersfield and takes the dogs for long walks. An easy spirit, Michelle joins him in this new chapter. They approached Hector’s with a creative energy. Noticing how “fast” (and often disposable) fashion feels, they wanted a shop that’s a memory of simpler, better tailoring for men.

Hiring the right touch, sister and neighbour Natalie joined the project not long after. She lends a caring eye for the delicate task of curating the fineries of Hector’s and its many inspiring collections. Together, these are the people behind Hector’s.

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