Hector & Friends.

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Our People. Their Vision. 

This visionary bunch is responsible for the sensibly smart and sartorially sharp brand of Hector’s Clothing - in its many forms, figures and fashions. 

Our story started from small beginnings. Hector, a handsome little chap, has been a family man since his arrival in 2009. He’s an older fella now, silvering, more matured and wiser than before. He has been, like the old saying goes, faithful like an old friend.

Shouldn’t your wardrobe be every bit as faithful too? You might journey with one pair of shoes, and travel in another. Or make decisions in a shirt, executed professionally with a tie and cufflinks. You weather the British winters, a tough trial, in a handy coat. Your clothes may not be the whole story, but they were there when you wrote it.


Michelle Bicknell

Joe Bicknell

Natalie Bird

Olivia Bicknell

Caine Bird