Our People & their Vision 

This visionary bunch is responsible for the sensibly smart and sartorially sharp brand of Hector’s Clothing - in its many forms, figures and fashions. 

Our story started from small beginnings. Hector, a handsome little chap, has been a family man since his arrival in 2009. He’s an older fella now, retired, more matured and wiser than before. He has been, like the old saying goes, faithful like an old friend.

Shouldn’t your wardrobe be every bit as faithful too? You might journey with one pair of shoes, and travel in another. Or make decisions in a shirt, executed professionally with a tie and cufflinks. You weather the British winters, a tough trial, in a handy coat. Your clothes may not be the whole story, but they were there when you wrote it.



From the moment the door chimes, Fanny springs into action: a welcoming woof is her way of playfully greeting newcomers.

Michelle Bicknell

Boutique Owner

A tour de force, Michelle was key in bringing the Hector’s brand from sketch to reality. She’s a creative brain working, tirelessly, behind the scenes to make sure we’re always looking sharply dressed.

Joe Bicknell

the "Dogsbody"

When he’s not walking the dogs, he’s sharing critical business wisdom that helps Hector’s grow and cultivate the kind of local reputation we care for. Top-dog for business, he’ll handle the operational strategies that ensure our business is smooth and purring.

Natalie Bird

Fashion Guru & Retail Specialist

With 22+ years experience in men's fashion, Natalie is the creative and operational brain of Hector’s. It’s her smarts, thumb for fashion and general acumen that helps us to know what people like - even when they don’t.

Olivia Bicknell

Fashion & Sales Exec

The newest addition to the Hector's family, Olivia's recently graduated from Cambridge and, when's not teaching Latin, she'll be the welcoming smile you'll meet at the door.

She's the difference between "just browsing" and finding that something special. Olivia is more than a helping hand to our customers - she'll make sure you leave with a grin and a suit that matches.


The Matriarch

A diligent worker behind the scenes, Ericka (aka Mum) is a regular friendly addition on Mondays. When she's not on the shop floor, she's a lady that lunches. Known as the Matriarch, she's Michelle and Natalie's full-time Mum.

Caine Bird


When Hector’s was only an idea, Caine shared his smarts for all things digital and designed a site that looked just as handsome as our shop. A dapper vision in blue and gold, this is all so Hector’s can be enjoyed either digitally, or in-person. 



Bold. Creative. Dachshund.

This old dog has learned plenty of new tricks, from managing a team of friendly humans, to opening up shop in his own backyard. Hector has long been a resident of the sleepy town of Petersfield and enjoys the serenity of the countryside.

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