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Diabetic Socks Oatmeal

Diabetic Socks Oatmeal

HJ Hall
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These socks are designed for diabetics or people who have sensitive feet and legs. These socks are accredited by the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

Non-restrictive elastic knit to minimising compression, alleviating tightness and unsightly marksand improving comfort for swollen ankles.

Smooth toe seam to eliminate friction and pressure in areas which is prone to sores and ulcers.

Fully cushioned foot giving comfort and warmth, the cushioning keeps the foot warm improving blood circulation which is beneficial for the skin and health of nerves in the feet.

The quality yarns mean the sock is very breathable helping to moderate temperature.

  • Available in 6-11 or 11-13
  • Available in Oatmeal, Navy, Olive or Denim